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Seafreight for Students

Student Seafreight Services

Whether you’re moving to or from Scotland for your year abroad, our student sea freight services are a perfect option if you have plenty of time before your move-in date.

Meadows International Removals based in Scotland have over 30 years of goods transit experience, meaning our student shipping services are well-trusted to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Our sea freight services offer transit for students who may require international shipping for larger belongings that may be more difficult to pack. We service students who will be moving away from Scotland, as well as students making to the move to one of Scotland’s many universities.

Moving away from Scotland

If you’re moving away from Scotland for a year abroad and don’t have a particularly tight deadline for when your belongings need to arrive, our sea freight shipping service for students will ensure that your more difficult-to-pack items are shipped securely, leaving you with more time to organise the rest of your packing.

With 20 years of good shipping experience, we work to make sure that your belongings are transported to a high standard. Our shipping company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, so should you need any help packing your items, we’re perfectly placed to assist should you require.

Moving to Scotland

If you’ve chosen to take your year abroad at one of Scotland’s many universities, we are able to provide your sea freight transit.

Sea freight is ideal if you have a more relaxed deadline for when you need your belongings. We recommend if this is the case to make use of our storage services which will keep your belongings safe until you arrive in Scotland.

Our top tips for international student shipping would be to carefully read through your shipment documentation and UK customs documents to ensure you’re fully aware of any restrictions.

Combine Our Services

We’ll advise you on the most cost-effective transit methods and whether it would be cost effective for you to combine our student transit services. We offer services including land freight and air freight, so whatever your student shipping requirements, we have a service that will suit.

Get in Touch

If you’re planning your upcoming year abroad either to or from Scotland, Contact Us today so we can organise your sea freight student shipping. We’ll talk you through our options and recommendations based on your requirements allowing your exciting new chapter to begin in the best possible way.