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Moving to or from Africa?

When seeking international shipping between Scotland and Africa, you need a reliable shipping provider to execute the long journey with precision and efficiency. This is why you need Meadows International Removals, because we have 30 years of experience in successfully shipping goods and belongings across the world. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, we find the most cost- and time-effective way for us to transport your goods to make sure they arrive where you need them, when you need them.

Removals and Relocating for Families and Individuals

Relocating to Africa, or relocating to Edinburgh from Africa, is a big step for anyone to consider. Setting off on a new adventure is exciting, but it takes a lot of planning and logistics to get there. This is why we at Meadows International Removals help you every step of the way, so the relocation process can go smoothly and without a hitch with our Scotland international shipping. We’ll help you transport your belongings between Africa and Scotland, whether its boxes of belongings, equipment, or pieces of furniture.

Relocating and International Shipping for Students

There are 20,000 international students studying in universities across Scotland, and it’s no wonder why people flock here. If you, too, are moving to Scotland to study or work, then you’ll naturally be planning your move and how to transport your belongings across the sea and land between us. We find the most cost- and time-effective transport methods including land, sea, and air freight to make sure your belongings are transported to their final destination with ease. If you’re not ready for your possessions yet, we can place them in our secure storage for international shipping storage.


International Shipping To and From Africa

We have over 2 decades of experience in organising logistics and international shipping for students, families, and businesses between Africa and Scotland. Our Edinburgh-based services ensure your belongings, stock, or furniture arrives safely and securely at your destination.

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