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Quick Guide to Living in New Zealand

Reasons to Move to New Zealand

According to the UN World Happiness Report, New Zealand ranked as the eighth most happy country in the world. With a great sense of multiculturalism, stunning scenery and welcoming people, New Zealand is becoming an incredibly popular place to move to.

Below, we’ve put together a quick list of our favourite things about New Zealand.


1. Picturesque Landscapes

New Zealand is home to many National Parks, long white beaches, volcanoes, and beautiful coves. There’s always beautiful nature just around the corner when you live in New Zealand, perfect for both outdoorsy adventurous people, and those who enjoy lying on the beach relaxing.

2. Great Job Opportunities

New Zealand has plentiful job opportunities, meaning it’s not as difficult to make a living there. Due to a thriving economy, wages pay relatively well, meaning you’ll be able to find and keep a job relatively easily.

3. Sustainability & Progression

New Zealand has maintained one of the most progressive countries in the world. New Zealand was the first self-governing country in which women had the right to vote in elections. They also are a world leader in reducing carbon emissions and was one of the first to pledge a carbon-neutral future.

Places to Live in New Zealand

Enjoy the thriving culture in New Zealand’s most liveable cities.


4. Auckland

If you’re moving to New Zealand with your family, you’ll want to consider Auckland. This famous city has a plethora of great schools, and a high standard of education. You’ll also be able to immerse yourself in Auckland’s rich culture results in great food, music, and a buzzing community.

As well as family-friendly housing outside of the city, Auckland offers beach accommodation, city houses and apartments for those who want to be in the middle of the action.



5. Wellington

Wellington, although smaller than Auckland, is a capital that has so much to offer. From famous food festivals to the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Wellington has a wealth of valuable selling points that make it well worth moving to.

Wellington is a city located surrounded by luscious greenery and hills, making it the perfect blend of both urban and rural life.

Suburbs like Kelburn and Newtown are popular in Wellington as they maintain a buzzing atmosphere with outstanding café’s, bars and restaurants in the heart of New Zealand’s beautiful scenery.


6. Queenstown

You’ll never get bored living in Queenstown.

The popular location is full of international visitors and residents, contributing massively to New Zealand’s great multicultural feel.

Do keep in mind that because Queenstown is such a popular place to move to, it can be hard to find somewhere to live, especially between June to September. Just make sure you leave plenty of time to find somewhere you love.

It does seem as though Queenstown businesses are constantly hiring, due perhaps to the relatively high turnover of residents. This means it’s a place in which it’s relatively easy to find a job.

Essential Things to Know About New Zealand Before Moving

Although New Zealand is an exciting place to potentially move to, there are some things you’ll need to be aware of before planning your move.

7. Unpredictable Weather

Yes, New Zealand does get some great weather. It also is susceptible to a high level of tectonic activity as it’s located at the top of the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’. Although not all felt by people, New Zealand gets an average of around 14,000 earthquakes a year.

During the summer, the weather becomes almost sub-tropical, and it can be sunny one moment, and pouring with rain in the next.

8. Thin Ozone Layer

Even though New Zealand has pledged a greener future, it joins Australia in being located under a thin ozone layer, meaning more UV rays and stronger sun. You’ll need to take care of your skin and protect yourself against the country’s unpredictably strong sun.

9. Cost of Living

Overall, New Zealand does have a higher cost of living than the UK. It does depend on where you are moving from – If you’re moving from London, you’ll probably notice a huge reduction in living costs.

The housing market in New Zealand has been becoming more and more expensive as it continues to thrive, but as long as you research different area costs well, and choose the right time to move, you’ll be able to budget your relocation with ease.


Moving to New Zealand

Relocating abroad is always going to be stressful, but it’s important to find a reliable, affordable shipping service for your belongings. This will relieve a lot of the stress of moving, and some even pack your things for you.

Out of so many countries to chose from, New Zealand seems to have a perfect mix of rural and urban, adventure and relaxation, and different housing opportunities suitable for every requirement.

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