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Packing Tips

Your items will have to be packed securely to withstand the rigours of transit.

Some tips on packing your belongings:

  • Choose the most appropriate carton; it should be strong with enough space to fit padding round the sides
  • Use quality bubble wrap, wrapping paper and soft fabrics such as towels, clothing or linen to fill any gaps and pack around fragile items
  • Place breakable items in the centre of the carton as the sides and edges will get the most knocks and bumps
  • Make sure there are no spaces in the carton and that everything is fitted together as tightly as possible to prevent damage from movement during transit
  • Don’t take any chances with damaged cartons and keep sharp objects away from the sides of the carton as they could pierce through and harm handlers and damage other carton
  • We recommend that you avoid packing liquids such as wine, spirits or perfumes in the cartons as there is a chance that if liquids escape they could damage your and others belonging (Please read through our Standard Liability for items not covered
  • After packing, make sure there is no rattling or movement with the carton by gently shaking it
  • Seal your carton thoroughly with specially designed packing tape to ensure a strong seal during the whole transi
  • Label every carton with your name, destination address, carriers reference number, carton number and tota number of cartons in shipment (e.g. carton 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3. Place an extra label inside your carton just in case the outer one gets defaced
  • Make sure you have shipping insurance to cover anything that may go wrong