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North American RemovalsFrom Boston to Montreal, New York to Phoenix, Alaska to Toronto, Meadows International Removals have helped Americans and Canadians relocate their home contents, personal belongings and excess baggage to and from Scotland.

Meadows International Removals have decades of experience in shipping goods to North America from Scotland and the rest of the UK.

We have literally shipped thousands of items to America and Canada over the years and know exactly how to ensure that your shipped items arrive safe, secure and on time.

Relocating to USA or Canada?

Whether you are moving to America from Scotland or moving to Canada from Scotland, we can take care of your move and ensure that all your possessions arrive on time and intact.

At Meadows International Removals, we employ expert packers who make sure your items are packed in such a way that it reduces the possibility of any of your goods being damaged. Our packing procedures are way above the industry standards so you can rest assured that your goods will be safe when we are shipping them to America and Canada.

Check out our video below. It shows one of our expert packers in action. We have one of the lowest claim records in the international shipping and removals industry, this is due to our packing methods and is why our insurers love us!



Once your items are packed, they are dispatched straight away. No hanging around for other customers to fill up our containers. As soon as we know the departure dates and arrival dates, we let you know.

Whether by air or by sea, we can find out the best shipping method to get your goods where they need to be safely and on time.

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Packing Tips

Read through our packing tips sections for some good advice on how to pack up your items. Proper packing will help in keeping your items undamaged during transit