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Australia RemovalsAlbeit the other side of the planet, Scotland has a warm-spot for Antipodeans. Scotland enjoys close business and student ties with Australians and New Zealanders.

During the summer months, festival fever hits Edinburgh and we see a lot of people traveling back and forth from Scotland to Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the like.

If you are planning a move from Australia to Scotland or a move from New Zealand to Scotland then contact Meadows International Removals and see how we can help you move household contents, excess baggage and belongings.

Moving Back Home

Unless you are permanently relocating to Scotland then unfortunately you have to move back home at some point. From a few personal belongings to entire households, we can help you to relocate overseas back to your home country again.

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Packing Tips

Read through our packing tips sections for some good advice on how to pack up your items. Proper packing will help in keeping your items undamaged during transit