Sea Freight

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Sea Freight

Sea freight, or international shipping, ships your personal belongings or business inventory across the sea. This mode of transit is often more cost-effective than air freight, but it does take a little longer. In some cases, this may be beneficial to you, and we’ll happily talk you through this process. When not confined by deadlines, strict delivery dates, or the immediate need for your shipped goods, sea freight may actually be the cheapest option for you. Choosing Meadows International Removals means you choose a business that has over 20 years of experience in good transit and shipping.

Delivery times for Scotland international shipping and sea freight vary, but typically items are shipped within 4 – 12 weeks.


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International Sea Freight Shipping for Businesses

Our international shipping services are incredibly popular with businesses that don’t find themselves constrained by tight deadlines. Suitable for large transit amounts, inventory, and equipment, our sea freight for transporting business goods is cost-effective and caters to all sizes of cargo. Where appropriate, we will advise you on the transit methods that will best suit your budget.


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Combine Our Shipping Services

Because sea freight is better suited to those with no or flexible deadlines, a lot of our clients find our storage services useful. This means that if it arrives before or after you anticipated but you’re not quite ready for it, you can place it in our secure storage facilities for safekeeping until you are ready. Alternatively, if you are shipping out of Scotland, we also offer a professional packaging service for machines, equipment, large furniture, and high-value items.

Alternatively, sometimes your shipment quote might be more cost-effective if it is split over land freight, sea freight, and air freight. In these cases, we’ll advise you on the most cost-effective transit methods and how they will affect your delivery time, so you will have all the information you need to make the right choice for your goods.

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