Land Freight

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Land Freight

Land freight transports your goods, inventories, or possessions by secure road transit using our reliable vehicles. We’re proud to offer this service between Scotland and European countries in order to aid home relocation, international students, and businesses seeking transit access to and from these regions. Choosing Meadows International Removals means you choose a business that has over 20 years of experience in goods transit, shipping, and different modes of delivery such as air and sea.

Delivery times for land freight vary depending on the distance between pick-up and delivery location and the number of countries our vehicles need to be pass through. Typically speaking, though, your delivery will take around 5 – 28 days.


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International Land Freight for Businesses

As a comparatively faster mode of goods transit, land freight is popular with businesses that are seeking to transport high-priority equipment, furniture, and goods. Because we transport across Europe, our land freight services in Scotland support businesses moving vast quantities of inventory to where they need it most. Where necessary, we will also advise on the most cost-effective and time-effective transit methods to best suit your budget or any deadlines.

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Combine Our Transit and Shipping Services

Land transit is best suited to those with a deadline or a preferred date for the arrival of their goods, because the delivery time is typically shorter than other modes of transit. However, if it arrives sooner than you expected then you can always utilise our secure storage facilities until you are ready for your inventory. In the event of a budget or cost constraint, we will advise on whether combining our different transit services will be more cost-effective for you and your business. These services include sea freight, land freight, and air freight, and we’ll talk you through how these may affect your estimated arrival times of your goods.

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